Frugal Weekend Experiment

I am currently trying to save some money for an upcoming trip. This is a trip to Las Vegas and for some reason I have some guilt associated with the gambling part of it. I had no trouble shelling out the dough for the airline ticket. But now I need some cash for the super... Continue Reading →

Zen Boy Scout

I am an uptight person.  There, I said it. What do they say? That the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem in the first place? For those of you that know me in real life it is not a total surprise. I run a pretty tight ship. My work desk is... Continue Reading →


I recently had my hair done.  My friend and stylist was telling me about an interesting woman that she had just met. She prefaced the story by asking me if I was okay with ‘woo-hoo’ hippy vibe stuff. I said, “Sure, I am a little woo-hoo myself.” So anyway this woman was very interesting and... Continue Reading →

Baste, Stir, Taste…Repeat

I drive 45 minutes each way to get my dry cleaning done. I know, it seems nuts right? But here is the deal, I wear a white lab coat at work almost every day. (It is either wear the lab coat or dress up. Let me tell you a good lab coat can hide a... Continue Reading →

I had a near miss this week. It was my late night at work and I was headed home. I drive this route endlessly and can do it in my sleep. I saw the road work ahead signs as I entered the on ramp. Little did I know and apparently nobody else did either that... Continue Reading →

Nothing, Absolutely Nothing.

I want to start a new trend.I want to make being a total and complete sloth a celebrated event. It should be okay and desirable to be able to report that not a single thing was accomplished on the weekend.Somewhere along the line I got brainwashed into thinking that I really should be doing something... Continue Reading →

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