Mom Jeans

Here’s a little funny:

Today I was getting dressed for work and thought maybe I would wear one of the pairs of jeans that I got from Betty. I call them “my dead Mom jeans.”

Anyway…. I put them on and OMG… they were kind of tight. Immediate despair and depression! I thought bad thoughts about myself.

I put on a different pair of pants and they fit fine, almost loose. Later, I looked at the label. Late in life, Betty got super skinny- downright scrawny!

The jeans were a size lower than what I usually wear… and I could kind of fit into them if I sucked in my gut! Instant mood lift! I wasn’t fat… I was skinny! So, I ate a brownie.

Anyway, just a little funny to illustrate that jean size and body image and all of that bs is for the birds. Have a nice day.


P.S. The stitching on the pocket of Levi’s kind of looks like the top of a heart. XOXO Mom

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