Two Lefts Don’t Make a Right: Directions to a Parallel Universe

Last night I ran into an old friend who asked me if I was still blogging. I was so happy to have someone ask about my blog and to actually remember some of the posts that I was giddy the whole night.  I haven’t written anything for quite some time. Why? The usual lame excuse. I am too “busy”.  So, I was thinking about it and decided to write this story.

On the path of life you have four options. Keep going straight, take a left, take a right or go backwards.  For me, I have no desire to go backwards. Been there, done that. It’s useless and most often a bummer.  So that leaves going straight or taking a turn.

Six months ago I decided to take a major turn.

I left a very comfortable long-standing job and bought my own business.  I can’t honestly say whether I turned left or right.  When I think about the words left and right… what does that mean?

What is left? Is that what remains when all of the useless people/things/trappings have been removed? Leaving someone or something? Heading West? My initial reaction to the word left is somewhat negative.  Until I really think about it. Sometimes going left takes guts.

What is right? Doing what you should do and not what is easiest? What is the right thing to do??? Human rights, animal rights, environmental rights, religious rights…. Hmmmm….right is a really interesting word….right, rite, write…..

It would seem that going right takes guts too.

While I was out last night another old friend asked me if I had lost a lot of weight.  I laughed and said, “No!” but I think that maybe taking a lot of turns in life speeds up your metabolism.  Either that or my sparkly tye dye sweater was working wonders.

Something weird has happened. I wake up before my alarm goes off. I like going to work. That is so weird. Good, but weird.

It’s early days yet, so I can’t tell you the outcome of my new business venture. So far, so good.

Mostly, I think that what I have learned is that I like the turns. Either direction. I have the same life but it is much more satisfying. I think I am now occupying space in a parallel universe. Almost everything has stayed the same, but that one change has shifted everything.

It didn’t happen last night, but every once in a while I take two left turns and go backward for a very brief period of time. It involves a rare combination of old friends and good music. In those hours we are young again, drinking whatever is cold and dancing like maniacs for hours.  Usually Desperate Otto’s are there to escort us on our journey with some great tunes, both original and covers of the best songs on planet Earth.

Going backward is a tricky thing, and seems to be best accomplished by dawn. When the sun rises and the new day begins, it’s time to travel forward. Pop a few Advil for the aching head and knees, and drink a ton of water. Time travel is hard on the body.

If I see you in my parallel universe, flash me the peace sign. I am always looking for a few friendly faces.

Peace and love,