The Time Machine Factor

The Time Machine Factor:   = Real Time/ Fun Quotient  We have all experienced it.  Sometimes time goes by so quickly and sometimes it drags on endlessly.  How is this possible?  I have figured out that real time in days, hours or minutes (it doesn’t matter how you figure it) is divided by the fun quotient to then... Continue Reading →

Like a Rolling Stone

I just can’t seem to stop moving. Literally.Years ago, someone asked my sister if I would be around for a while.  Her response, “She’s a rolling stone.”Let’s see.1969-1987:      Mom and Dad’s house. Birth through high school graduation.1987-1991:      University of Wisconsin –Madison.  2 years in the dorms. My first apartment was torched by an arsonist and... Continue Reading →

The Grind

For awhile now I have been wondering, "Is this all there is?"Specifically, when it comes to work and everyday life. It’s so boring! I have talked about this with my sisters and some close friends. Basically, we came to the conclusion that our 40’s and 50’s are spent doing the necessary things that will ultimately... Continue Reading →

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